(The Blue Man)
installation of film tubes, December 1999

idea and production The idea for the installation of film tubes arose at the end of the summer of 1998. Before that I already made the Portrait of Dr. Orynbay Epyrsekov photo collage-can installation in 1997, so I had some experience with the placement of pictures on round objects. The photo collage-can installation was a static one, the goal for the installation of film tubes was to create a peramanent moving object, similar to a filmloop. How to make such a loop without the usage of film or video? The video animation was cut up in vertical strips and these strips were pasted into the rotating transparent tubes. The installation is a little bit bigger than life-size.
image The visual lagerst scale of a character is seen from a long distance. Everybody has his own walk. When you see a person from a long distance the first thing you see is how he or she walks. This way of walking makes any given passer-by (together with his style of clothing) a character. The only things that give the man on the film tubes his personality are the walk and the colour.