portfolio In progress
Sunlight - Pure Video
March 2003
Digital Pin Display (DPD)
Temporarily discontinued
Building Isaac
September 2002
FRZZB Controller
September 2002
The Art of Programming, Sonic Acts 2001 conference book, edited by Frans Evers, Jan Peter van der Wenden and Lucas van der Velde
December 2001
fireSCRATCH! 0.9b MMS video sampling software a full screen, 25 frames/ sec Video Sampler
December 2000
concept and idea for live-size Tetris game performance
December 1999
installation of film tubes "Blauwe Man"
October 1999
digital video-animation for "Pastiche", music by Simon Burgers
October 1998
video scenery for music theatre performance "Fantastic Rhythm" about the jazz composer Billy Strayhorn with The Dutch Jazz Orchestra and Theatergroep Hollandia
June 1998
video mirror "Appearance and reality..."
June 1997
photo collage-can installation "Dr. Orynbay Epyrsekov"
October 1996
photographs made during a study trip to the Aral sea in Uzbekistan
August 1996
"The Drawing Vehicle", composition for radiographic driven car
April 1996
triptych "chiarOscuro" (oil paint-video-oil paint) with Frans van der Steen and Hakim Tourdiev